Thursday, 26 November 2020



Animals vs reporters: Top 5 showdowns

Image Credits: Fyn Kind, Hugo Quintero, Nicklta, The Guardian, The BBC

Animal magnetism

Imagine holding a giant black rooster while trying to report on live TV, or swallowing a fly right in the middle of a sensitive report. These unfortunate lot all have one thing in common, the inability to interact with animals. Thank goodness a camera was there to capture these showdowns. Now XCity+ has the pleasure of taking you on a joyous ride through the 5 top altercations between man and beast.

1. Rooster V Reporter
This lovely fellow (the rooster by the way) was unfortuanate enough to be chosen by Australia’s ‘Today’ show. Goodness knows what the report was about, but the melodramatic reaction from the presenterย is well worth a watch.

2. Snake V Reporter
Having a snake wrapped around your neck is nerve wracking enough, but things get ugly when this pesky little corn snake decides to be sick all over the floor. Expect screaming.

3. Cat V Reporter
Sometimes us humans can live in harmony with mother nature. This cute little street cat only ย wants a friend. Heartwarming.

4. Pelican V Reporter
We come back to our Australian friend Steve Jacobs and the Today show. Laugh as a rather agressive pelican proceeds to nip his bottom.

ย 5. Grasshopper V Reporter

The smallest of creatures can cause the most harm. A grasshopper in the mouth takes it out of you, or in this case brings out all that pent up anger inside.

So there you have it, 5 ridiculous encounters that will hopefully brighten up your day. Just beware of pelicans, snakes, cats, grasshoppers and giant roosters!