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Take note, the digital media industry is too big to ignore. Taster from ‘XCity guide to digital journo jobs’.

You might be the kind of person who is intimidated by phrases like ‘web analytics’, thinks ‘trafficking’ is a kind of human rights violation and wants to know which cream treats eCRM. This is no excuse for avoidance as there has never been a better time to branch into the fast-growing world of digital media.

“For traditional journalists, the shift in change to digital media channels has been seismic,” says Simon Lewis, co-founder and editor of the advertising website Only Digital Jobs. “For those looking to pursue a journalistic career within digital media, the opportunities are vast and varied.”

“Finding a job in digital media is not really the issue, since many exist, though demands are increasingly high for value-add skills.”

According to Lewis, written content remains the lynchpin for most journalists working in digital media, however there is an increasing demand for other skills too. “Encoding content is now an important part of the digital journalist’s toolkit,” he says. “There is also the expectation for video and other audio visual production skills.”

Although it’s important to be IT literate to work in digital media, being a creative thinker can be just as crucial, and because it’s a relatively new field, there’s room to innovate.

“Although those working in analytics tend to be mathematic, there are plenty of digital jobs that require people who can write and design,” says Sara Walker, the Graduate Recruitment Bureau’s senior recruitment consultant.

“We need workers who can interpret key trends and data, as well as people who are sparky, outgoing, professional and able to communicate well with others.”

Onyi Ekebusi, an SEO executive at Trinity Mirror, says: “In my job, I have to be strategic and analytical. I also work with journalists to ensure their articles are optimised to be found on search engines.

“Because I regularly run training workshops with the teams and work closely with the editors, there is a lot of human contact, and you really have to be a team player. You also have to be reactive, as with any role in the media.”

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