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Stress, coffee, panic, coffee – 13 gifs to accompany every journalist’s deadline nightmare

Man stressed in cafe

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An ode to journalists’ last minute submissions 

Whether we care to admit it or not, we’ve all been there: the last-minute panic and dread of trying to complete an article that you’ve either lost interest in or have quite simply forgotten about all together. 

So let us take you on a journey of reliving these most dark and panic-stricken moments of your career through the medium of GIFs.


1. Chillaxin’

What a great day of nothing planned ahead of you. You’ve woken up, the TV is turned on, your feet are up and you’re cocooned under a blanket on the sofa – you couldn’t be comfier. After a stressful week, you’ve decided to chill and work from home on dress down Friday. Finally, life is good…

relaxed corgi GIF
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2. Panic strikes

Suddenly, a thought crosses your mind and you realise an article you pitched that got commissioned a month ago is due this evening. Shit!

Source: Gif
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3. Morning routine 

You leap off the sofa and immediately rush to get ready. It is here that you vow to yourself that never again will this happen. You have to be more organised. You have to invest in a Filofax. Every organised adult has one of those, right? Ergo, you need one. ASAP.

suspicious thats so raven GIF
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Guzzling down a gallon of coffee. Grabbing your stuff and dashing into the office. The earlier you get there, the more time you have and the better your article will be. It’s go time.

tired coffee GIF by Garfield
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5. Research 

Google, Reddit, Twitter #journorequest – anything. Please?

school studying GIF
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6. Sources

Jackpot! You’ve identified a great source that could make or break your article. But alas, their contact details are nowhere to be seen online. A LinkedIn page? Nope. Twitter? No. Friends Reunited? Hasn’t been used for five years. It has now become your ultimate goal and mission in life to hunt this person down.  

i will find you GIF
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7. Pep talk

You’ve stalked them online for the past two hours. It was worth it. You’ve found their email address on their niece’s Myspace account, from six years ago. You begin to wonder whether you should get a job at MI6.

Before going to meet them, a quick pep talk is necessary. You can do this. You’ve interviewed hundreds of people. What’s the worst that could happen?

check in bbc GIF
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8. Where is she?

You appreciate you got here early – 20 minutes early in fact – but their turning up 15 minutes late is taking the piss, surely? Where are they?

awkward pulp fiction GIF
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9. The interview

They finally arrive but they’re definitely not much of a talker. The entire interview is like drawing blood from a stone. However, they give you the quotes you need and suddenly you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

over it lol GIF by WGN Morning News
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10. Writing it up

You spend the rest of the evening furiously sprint-typing up the piece, ready for submission at midnight.

busy jim carrey GIF
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11. Must. Stay. Awake

You’re nearly there. But the coffee has worn off and travelling to the other side of London for the interview is finally taking its toll on you. Now is not the time to be feeling sleepy.

tired bored to death GIF
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12. The last leg

Come on! Think of the rent for next month. Think of the not-having-to-ask-the-parents-for-an-extra-£20-for-the-electricity-bill. Think of the deluxe coffee beans you love to splash out on. Oooo yes, doesn’t seem so bad now does it?

excitement GIF
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13. Finished!

You finish. You submit your article 30 minutes before the deadline. You are a genius.

Leaping into bed, you question whether your bed has ever felt this good?

working from home GIF
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Although you vowed this would never happen again, who are you kidding – it’ll probably happen again next week. 

cheeky GIF
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