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20 newsletters guaranteed to smarten up your inbox

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Email journalism is all the rage – Mared Gruffydd and Josiah Gogarty bring you the best newsletters to subscribe to

Whoever thought the future of journalism was in more emails? Although newsletters might land in your inbox with everything else, they’re far more interesting and informative than pointless work chatter and marketing guff. Plus, they bring you news, writing, jokes and more without having to dodge through the ads and paywalls that infest web browsing. 

Here’s our selection of some of the best, most original email newsletters:


Politics and News 

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Politico: London Playbook 

Outlining the agenda for each day in Westminster, this newsletter is avidly read by the politicians and advisors themselves. It’s niche, nerdy, and often very witty – Shrove Tuesday’s edition came with a pancake recipe courtesy of author Jack Blanchard’s grandmother.

Tortoise: Sensemaker Daily 

The ‘slow news’ provider has been making waves for its considered, long-form writing. Its daily newsletter condenses the day’s top stories in a friendly, conversational tone that cultivates a sense of community among subscribers.

Foreign Policy Interrupted

Promising to interrupt and diversify subscribers’ inboxes, the inspiring women behind the FPI fellowship programme bring a weekly run-down of global news. Each headline is explained with links to articles from various media outlets, and there’s a whole section dedicated to interesting gender topics. Plus, there’s always a great book recommendation. 


Committed to telling and sharing stories of women and non-binary people of colour, gal-dem is changing the face of an industry that has for far too long been male, pale and posh. Sign up for a list of their latest articles, events and other fun and unmissable happenings.

Fair Warning

Data journalist and self-confessed nerd, Sophie Warnes, succeeds in making visualisations, graphs and statistics comprehensible (and even fascinating!) to less mathematically-inclined journos. A curated list of data-led articles shows that numbers are just as good at telling stories as words. 

Morning Brew: The Turnout 

With handy, simple sub-headings like “the backstory” and “the bottom line”, The Turnout guides readers through the ever-changing world of politics, business and everything in between. From healthcare to advertising, this newsletter makes following new developments within our global political landscape a little easier. 


Business and Technology 

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Bloomberg: Fully Charged 

The giant business-focused news agency has its tentacles grasped on pretty much every corner of the media. One patch it particularly excels in is tech, and this newsletter will give you the lowdown on all the subject’s big headlines in Bloomberg’s signature commerce-leaning style.

Vogue Business 

Fashion is big business, and who better to cover the commercial side of the industry than a spin-off of trend bible Vogue. Vogue Business is its own operation, and brings readers daily digests, weekly tech and sustainability editions, plus a curated selection of other great style writing from around the web.


Finimize is now a successful start-up that advises people about money on various platforms – but it started life as a daily newsletter that explained finance news without any jargon. While the company grows, the newsletter continues delivering quality content.

Exponential View

Azeem Azhar’s specialisms include climate change, artificial intelligence, business, and the future of technology. His weekly newsletter deep dives into these topics, giving subscribers a thought-provoking overview of today’s societal trends. Everyone from Carole Cadwalladr to Ellen DeGeneres is a fan. 



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The Athletic: Weekly Digest 

Something of a phenomenon, the subscription-based sports website hit 600,000 subscribers last year, and was valued at $500m at the start of 2020. Its weekly digest brings subscribers highlights of all the fantastic sports writing it has to offer.


Fashion and Lifestyle 

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GARAGE is a New York art and fashion magazine. Interestingly, it was founded by one of Roman Abramovich’s ex-wives, Dasha Zhukova. Its smart, incisive writing is even more interesting, and their newsletter will bring you the very best of it.

Domestic Sluttery

Gingerbread cake, pleated skirts, or the European Union – whatever your guilty pleasure is, Domestic Sluttery wants you to take it seriously. That’s why they put together a list of the best foods to cook, the best clothes to buy, the best places to stay and much more every week, encouraging you to live your best life. 

The Cut: Science of Us 

From charting the rise of hipster ‘it bags’ to breaking down the absurdity of corporate language, The Cut hosts some of the best online writing there is. Every Wednesday, its “Science of Us” newsletter brings you the latest pieces on relationships, psychology and human behaviour.


Sex and Relationships 

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Conversations on Love 

Natasha Lunn is Red Magazine’s features editor, but she also finds and speaks to fascinating people about love and what it means to them. One of our favourites is a conversation with writer Will Storr who says that the idea of “The One” and not finding other people attractive even when you’re happily married, is rubbish. 



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Journo Resources: The Opportunities 

For aspiring journalists, navigating through the maze of job applications, grad schemes and bursaries can be next to impossible. Thankfully, the lovely people at Journo Resources summarise all manner of jobs and opportunities in one weekly email.

Media Beans

When it comes to finding the best jobs and internships within the journalism industry, Media Beans is a lifesaver. Make sure you don’t miss out on a dream opportunity by signing up to their weekly newsletter. 

Sian Meades Freelance Writing Jobs

From pitching opportunities and work placements to part-time roles and full-time jobs, Sian Meades collects every advert or application she can find within the creative industries and puts them all in one handy little email. 



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Quartz: Quartz Daily Obsession

Did you know that there are nine sub-species of leopard? Or that Italians consume 14 billion espressos each year? Or that the term “multi-tasking” was first used in 1966? Pick a topic, any topic, and Quartz will have probably picked it too – before researching it, narrowing it down, and sending all you need to know about it straight to your inbox. 


Who doesn’t love a good essay? Subscribers can expect plenty of compelling reads from a wide range of different media outlets every single day. To be enjoyed with a cup of Yorkshire Tea and half a packet of Chocolate Digestives.


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