February 24, 2021



Which magazine you should be reading based on your zodiac sign

Harper's Bazaar and Vogue magazines laid out - zodiac

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Find out which mag you should be subscribing to, according to your astrology


Aries – FORBES

Renowned for cutting through the fluff, Forbes is the perfect read for you, Aries. Naturally driven, you are the sign most likely to find yourself in a leadership role or position of power in your career. Constant striving and pushing yourself to your limit is your M.O., and work-place success is your ultimate goal. Just be careful not to rub too many people up the wrong way on your way up.



Known for its luxury coverage of the finest hotels, Condé Nast Traveler is the perfect bedtime reading for any Taurus journos out there. The most materialistic sign of the zodiac, you enjoy the finer things. Not one to slum it in a hostel, your proclivity for travel and exploration is much more likely to land you sipping cocktails at a five star resort in Bora Bora or staying in a luxury overwater bungalow in Tahiti. 


Gemini – CLOSER 

Closer magazine ticks all the boxes as far as you’re concerned. The most fickle sign in the zodiac, you absolutely love to gossip. Some might even go so far as to label you a ‘good time friend’. You’ll be there for the laughs and the nights out, but if the going gets tough you’re outta there – unless there’s a juicy backstory for you to get stuck into.


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The homemaker of the zodiac, you are fiercely protective of your home and consider it a haven from the outside world. You love nothing more than retreating into your shell at the end of a hectic day, and cooking and food mean more to you than they do to any other sign. The way to your heart is definitely through your stomach. Pick up a copy of Good Housekeeping pronto for weeknight meal inspiration and make staying in the new going out.



Roll out the red carpet, because Leo life is all about the limelight and razzle-dazzle. The sign most likely to be attracted to fame and celebrity, you must learn to hold yourself accountable and to remember that, although Leos are ruled by the sun, not everything revolves around you. Grab a copy of Vanity Fair to keep up to date on Hollywood’s glam goings-on, and get vision boarding ‘cause one day it could be you gracing its pages.



The hypochondriac of the zodiac, you are obsessed with all things health, fitness, prevention and cure. You’re the one your friends call when they have a funny pain in their knee or their eye is doing ‘that twitchy thing’ again. In reality you’d sooner be reading the British Medical Journal or browsing WebMD than reading a magazine, but, known for its fitspo and healthy lifestyle reccos, if you were to choose one in the hospital waiting room, Women’s/Men’s Health would be it.


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Envied by all your friends (whether they admit it or not) for having an uncanny ability to work hard and play even harder, you embody the notions of happy mediums and moderation, and this is what BALANCE magazine is all about. You effortlessly find yourself getting top grades, promotions and pay rises, all the while remembering to eat salads and hit the gym, and still managing to be the life and soul of every party.



Nobody quite understands a Scorpio’s wily ways. We’re not saying this is a bad thing, but you’re certainly mysterious. With a penchant for puzzles, and a shadowy side to your usually sunny and bubbly persona, a true crime magazine such as this is right up your (dark, secluded) alley.



The brainiac of the zodiac, or at least the most bookish. You love to ponder life’s big questions, are always game to learn, and are drawn to consider new perspectives. Whilst some of the other signs are happy going through life blithely having fun, your priority has always been to learn and flex those brain muscles. Add to that your devotion to all things familial, and the magazine’s latest issue, ‘Family Matters’, will certainly quench your thirst for knowledge.


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Capricorn – BREATHE

Heard of ‘taking a break’, Capricorn? Didn’t think so. As the hardest worker in the zodiac, you are known to take life more seriously than any other sign. If using up all your holiday days this year sounds too relaxed, why not make time to try some yoga or maybe even meditate? You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your quality of life. Popular amongst the zen crowd, and those wanting to inject a bit of calm into their everyday, Breathe Magazine’s content could really revolutionise the way you live your life.



As the humanitarian of the zodiac, you are passionate about the things that matter; health, education, and social impact. Whether it’s fighting climate change or shaking a bucket to help fight poverty in some far-flung land, Bright Magazine will inspire your love of helping to solve problems that are bigger than yourself. You are dedicated beyond belief when it comes to a cause you care about and, for that, we salute you.



You, Pisces, are the sign most likely to possess otherworldly or supernatural powers. You are more empathetic than most signs, and you have the most vivid, symbolic, and powerful dreams of the zodiac, too. Embrace these traits but use them wisely, and indulge in Psychic News when you feel misunderstood by those around you – it will remind you that you are not alone in your superpowers. You are capable of magical things.

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