February 24, 2021



XCity Award shortlist: Elisângela Mendonça

A close up shot of Elisângela Mendonça in front of the London skyline

Photo: Elisângela Mendonça

An innovative human rights approach to finance reporting has seen the Private Equity News reporter shortlisted for the XCity Award


Elisângela Mendonça, the former City International Journalism student who graduated in 2019, has been honoured for her work as a reporter with Private Equity News, a Dow Jones publication. Much of her work has focused on diversity and discrimination within the finance sector. She is the second of five nominees to be recognised by the XCity Award: a £500 grant for outstanding journalism in the past year by City alumni.

In February this year, Mendonça published an investigation into LGBTQ+ discrimination in private equity firms. It was the first time ever Private Equity News put an LGBTQ+ story on its cover.

Mendonça credits the piece as her “proudest” achievement with the magazine. She said: “Private equity will continue to be a very relevant industry, but one issue no one is paying much attention to is diversity.

Every time I have a chance, I try to write about diversity because it’s a way I think I can contribute and raise awareness. Even if it’s a niche publication where people are more concerned about the figures and the numbers, people’s stories are important. They should be put forward.”

Born and bred in Brazil, Mendonça spent a decade working in the media before attending City. Her previous job was at Canadian national newspaper The Globe and Mail where she worked on a range of investigative stories about human rights, politics, and other Latin American topics.

Investigations she helped with included a multimedia project about Highway BR-163: a main road that runs through the Amazon Rainforest. She has also worked as a fixer, publicist and producer for channels such as Al Jazeera. Mendonçae is currently working on an investigation into coronavirus’ impact on care homes.

She said she was “very surprised” to be shortlisted for the XCity Award, but really “appreciates” the opportunity. She added: “To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it. But it’s great news. I’m very happy and very grateful.”

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