Saturday, 16 January 2021



About Us

Welcome to XCityPlus – the go-to site for features, news and multi-media for journalists, by journalists.

From interviews with prominent journos, to light-hearted listicles – XCityPlus produces top quality content written by 2019-2020 students of City, University of Londonโ€™s MA Magazine Journalism.

โ€œWorking on XCityPlus has been a fantastic experience and I hope you enjoy reading our offerings as much as we enjoyed writing them,โ€ says Tilda Coleman, XCityPlus Editor.

XCity Plus is an educational project produced by MA Magazine students at City, University of London.
If you have any issues with the content, please contact Dr Sarah Lonsdale, Department of Journalism, City, University of London, Northampton Square London EC1V OHB, [email protected]