Online Editor | Nicola Blackburn | [email protected] |@nn_blackburn

Hi! I’m Nicola and I’m editor at XCityPlus. I’m so thrilled to show you our work from a very (very!) talented pool of journalists! I work with our sub-teams to make sure all the elements of XCityPlus come together. I write about a range of topics – here financial fraud, journalists in exile and more. When there’s a human side to the story, I want to write it! 

Deputy Editor OnlineJake Helm | [email protected] |@JakeHelm24

I’m the deputy editor for XCityPlus. I monitor content, edit copy and act as an all-round helper. As a freelance journalist, I’ve written about sea shanties, the Capitol protests and anything in between.

Content Editor Online | Ed Cunningham | [email protected] |@ed_muzak

I’m Ed and I’m the content editor of XCityPlus. I’m also a writer covering arts, culture and politics, and the editor of an online music publication.

Deputy Content Editor Online | Liz Gregory |[email protected]

I’m the deputy features editor of XCityPlus. I’ve been working for magazines for over a decade while studying and working. I have set up an art collective and a radio show, have worked as a sub-editor of an art journal with global reach, and have interned at publications both in Britain and France. I love wine, history and travelling. I’ve lived in both Paris and Jerusalem.

News Editor OnlineNick Harris | [email protected] |@nickpaulharris

I’m the news editor for XCityPlus, bringing you all the latest in journalism news at City University and beyond. Elsewhere I write news features and book reviews.

Multimedia Editor | Kitty Chrisp| [email protected] |@kittychrisp

Hi I’m Kitty, Multimedia Editor for XCity. I like to sit a lot and subscribe to The Times solely for Dolly’s advice column.

Deputy Multimedia Editor | Eva Levy | [email protected] |@itsevalevy

I’m Eva, French student at City coming from Paris. I’m part of the multimedia team for XCity Plus and really love to create videos. Aside from journalism, I recently wrote my first novel called “New Generation” and I’m currently writing a TV show.

Online Production Editor | Isabella McRae | [email protected] | @isabellamcrae

I’m Isabella, and I’m the online production editor for XCityPlus. I’m responsible for website design and production! I’ve loved working with such a wonderful team at XCityPlus and I’m so excited to see everyone’s articles finally up on the site.

Chief Sub Editor Online| Charlotte Rawlings| [email protected] |@Chxr_Rawlings

I’m Charlotte and I’m the Chief Sub-Editor for XCityPlus. You can follow me on Twitter for a mix of film, Drag Race, and Robert Pattinson.

Deputy Chief Sub Editor Online| Shauna Lewis| [email protected].| @shaunalewis_

I’m the Deputy Sub Editor for XCityPlus. You can follow me on Twitter for the occasional retweet.

Deputy Chief Sub Editor Online| Patrick Sproull| [email protected].| @patrick_sproull

Hey, I’m Patrick and I’m one of the Deputy Chief Sub Editors Online for XCityPlus. I’m also a culture writer and editor, and I won’t rest until someone lets me interview Isabelle Huppert.

Social Media Editor | Sophie Ward | [email protected] |@sophieroseward

My name’s Sophie and I’m Social Media Editor. Finally, my 6-hour-a-day screen time has got me somewhere. When I’m not scrolling through TikTok and Instagram, I’m watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or reading Salty’s sex positive newsletter.

Deputy Social Media Editor | Anna Barry| [email protected]

I’m Anna, social media deputy editor for XCityplus! I love Gossip Girl, Café Nero, and swiping my life away on Tinder.

Deputy Social Media Editor | Sorcha Mondon-Ballantyne| [email protected] |@sorchamb

I’m Sorcha, and I’m Deputy Social Media Editor. Instagram is my poison of choice – sometimes I feel like I live on there.

Online Picture Editor | Lauren Sneade | [email protected] | @laurensneade

I’m the pictures editor for XCityPlus. I’m a big fan of cartoons, and never want to see a Zoom screen grab ever again. I write about women’s issues, music, and local news. I have never seen Citizen Kane.

Online Picture Editor | Yasamin Karimi | [email protected] |

I’m Yasamin and I’m Picture Editor for XCityPlus. My role is to find and check images for features and news pieces.

Managing Editor | Chloé Meley | [email protected] | @MeleyChloe

I’m the managing editor for XCity. You can follow me on Twitter for, honestly, very limited content. But there’ll be anecdotes about being a tour guide!