Kale and quinoa can get old, so it’s a race to see what new health foods are going to be huge next. Check out this list of the next big superfoods and where to find them.

  1. The new quinoa, part 1: teff


Predominately grown in Ethiopia, teff is a gluten free, poppy seed sized wheat. It’s used for bread, flour, but at its most delicious as a nutty, spongy, pancake-like flatbread.

Enjera, as its called in Ethiopia, is a teff based flatbread that has been eaten with meals for centuries. The Tobia Teff stand served a few homemade dips alongside their moreish flatbread. A spinach and cheese dip was by far the most delicious. Health food that doesn’t taste like health food.

  1. The new quinoa, part 2: freekeh


Pronounced “free-keh”, freekeh is another ancient grain that’s coming into the mainstream. It’s made from young wheat that’s roasted until its husks burn off.

More importantly, it tastes pretty good. Freekah has an unusually smoky, herby taste for a grain that stands up well to spices. Merchant Gourmet recommended using it anywhere you’d use rice or couscous, like risottos, salads and paellas.

  1. The new pud: chia seed pudding


Like a posher poppy seed, chia seeds will be the coolest add-on to salads and smoothies in 2015. At the show Chia Go offers them as drinks, powders and chocolate bites on the go.

But the best way to enjoy them is at home as a vegan, gluten-free pudding. Combine chia seeds, milk and a sweetener, leave overnight and enjoy in the morning as an easy breakfast.

  1. The new coconut oil: hemp oil


Hemp oil is joining the ranks of coconut oil and olive oil as the healthy oil of choice. Yes, it’s pressed from the cannabis plant, but it’s fine; you can serve it to your family. It offers more Omega 3 than olive oil but just that bit less saturated fat – and no high.

The makers of GOOD Hemp, which is produced in Devon, recommends using it like any other oil in everyday cooking like soups and salads.

  1. The new coconut water: aloe


If you were an early adopter to kale and spinach smoothies and an adventurer, then fresh aloe vera juice is for you. If not, Simplee Aloe has cleverly cut the pungent taste of aloe with grape juice and lemon.

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