London tube
With the tube going 24-hour for the first time in its 152-year history, you may think you know what to expect. Late-night clubbing without the worry, saving a fortune on taxi fares, and the demise of the “last tube” excuse, will all become reality at weekends from Saturday 12 September.

Naturally, Transport For London (TfL) predict that what they call the “Night Tube” will be popular. They estimate that 180,000 journeys will be taken between 3am and 6am when it opens – that’s a lot of party animals. Added to that, TfL say it will cut approximately 20 minutes off journeys home. If you go out once every weekend for a year, that’s 17 hours and 20 minutes more snooze time.

The tube can be an emotional experience at the best of times. Ever been plunged into depression when the board says your next train home is another ten minutes? Or become instantly ecstatic having successfully dived into a carriage seconds before the doors slam shut?

However, here are five new emotions that you will experience for the first time when taking the Night Tube…

 1. The smell of drunkenly purchased fast food and tube fumes, with no escape for five stops. No words can describe your pain.

smelly gif

2. Overdoing it on the wine, passing out and ending up at Morden. Not your best move.

waking gif

3. There is now no quick escape from that idiot vomming their last meal over a fellow commuter – three metres away from you.  

shock gif

4. The realisation that, since you spent a small fortune paying off that bar tab, you can whip out your Oyster to get home.

happy gif

5. Bagging the last seat in your carriage and feeling smug as you kick off your Loubis while the other girls have to stand in their painful 6-inch High Street stilettos. Tough luck.

smug gif

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