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Everyone in the world seems to be jumping on the blogging bandwagon. And you have to admit that those carefully filtered snaps on Instagram make you a little jealous of said blogger’s perfect-looking life.

1. You brunch everyday…
Eggs benedict brunch
Image Credit: Geoff Peters

2 .And get paid to do it!

Man Drinking Coffee
Image Credit: Nighthawks Restaurant

3.You get to drink this every day

Image Credit: Wikipedia

4. As part of your work

Working with a drink
Image Credit: Scott Schwartz

5Everything you own was probably free

A clothes rail
Image Credit: Letisha Frances

6. Hence your article never has a bad word to say…

A note with love written on it
Image Credit: Lindsay

7. You can wear these everyday

Get to wear this
Image Credit: Vadim Georgiev

8. Because this is your office

Woman's legs in bed
Image Credit: Monika Chrzanowska

9. You get to choose everything you write about

Laptop with a notepad on it
Image Credit: Radia El-Jafoufi

10. Even if it is what your dog did last night

a cute looking dog
Image Credit: Dogshaming.com

11. Apparently this is also ‘work’

A swimming pool
Image Credit: Martine Cotton

12. Because now you can tell the world how beautiful the place is…


13. So, naturally, everyone is jealous of you
An image of a jealous looking girl

14. And Generation YouTube will make you feel like you have 9 million friends…

Beatles fans

15. You get to do your ‘work’ with all your friends
two girls looking friendly
IMage Credit: NYPrincess

16. Because, of course, you need someone to hold the camera

Take pictures everyday
17. You just get to take pretty pictures every day
Gain more friends
Image Credit: The Londoner

18. And even if it is just of your coffee cup you’ll gain more friends

A cup of coffee
Image Credit Melissa Wood Health


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