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Who’d have thought you could learn about orgasms on your lunch break?!

Learning is hard, right? But thanks to the internet it has never been easier to blag your way. Bypass years of  study with these videos which clock in at less than 48 minutes in total. Become an instant expert on everything from cannibalism to orgasm, giving you conversational kudos everywhere from the office to the pub.

1. What does human taste like? (10 mins)

Eyebrow wiggler Vsauce explains things in a way you wish your school science classes had. Starting by eating his own bogies, he goes on to explore whether human meat would really taste like chicken, fitting in time at the end for a discussion of our tantalising tastebuds.

2. How to use one paper towel (5 mins)

TED talks are known for being inspiring. Rarely, however, has washing one’s hands been discussed with evangelical zeal. In less than 5 minutes Joe Smith will teach you how to save the planet and change your bathroom habits. You will never go to the loo in the same way again.

3. The Agricultural Revolution: Crash Course in World History #1 (12 mins)

Fault in Our Stars author and one half of Vlogbrothers John Green mocks the idea of education for the sake of tests in the introduction to his history of the world series. Starting with the Agricultural Revolution, he points out that the real “test” of knowledge takes place not in exam halls but “on first dates, in job interviews, while watching football”.

4. Fun Science: The Moon (4 mins)

Before Zoella there was Charlieissocoollike – the first YouTuber in the UK to reach 1 million subscribers. His bedroom-based science series fizzes with enthusiasm and factoids. It lacks the production values of the more commercial channels but it has homemade charm, with its ukelele jingle and Stephen Fry voiceover outro.

5. 10 Things you didn’t know about orgasm (17 mins)

Although the title sounds like a Cosmo headline, one of the top twenty most watched TED talks is filled with sexual nuggets that you genuinely won’t know, such as how orgasm plays a role in pig procreation. Author Mary Roach’s talk won’t make you better in the bedroom – unless your preferences run to pigs – but it provides the sort of gross out sexual trivia guaranteed to be a conversation stopper.


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