The XCity podcast is a five-part series about the making of City’s annual magazine, XCity. Each episode gives a little teaser of what to expect from this year’s epic 150-page publication, as well as anecdotes about the production process. We share the highs and the lows, the tears and the beers, the awkward interview mishaps and more.

It’s the last ever XCity podcast! But we hope you enjoy our new official jingle. Speaking in the throes of production fortnight, production editor Paddy Clarke talks about how the magazine is physically put together (Pritt-Stick); online editor Luke Terry reveals the fact that the podcast definitely IS the most popular post on XCity Plus; deputy editor Liam Coleman discusses the seven stages of drunkenness; and chief sub-editor Emily Clark gives warning of what she will be blending up in the team’s breakfast. Finally, Paddy’s verdict on how production fortnight is going? “Surprisingly well.”

Presented by Natasha Turner:

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