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Listings: Colin Crummy – Contributing editor, Esquire, Men’s Health

Colin Crummy (Magazine, 2004)

Contributing editor, Esquire, Men’s Health


What is the most memorable interview you have ever done?

It’s always memorable when the subject goes spectacularly off-piste. This doesn’t mean it’s good for you as the journalist. But when Cyndi Lauper has spent all of your allotted time with her answering just five of your 20 set questions, and you can’t get a word in, that tends to stick in the mind.


What was your best moment at City?

Making a magazine! We tried our hand at a literary magazine without too many pretensions. Difficult, that.


What was your worst moment at City?

Anything to do with HTML, InDesign or a raging hangover. I have since tried to eliminate three out of my life and feel the better for it.


What advice would you give to current/future students?

Make your work experience count. You will not get a better chance to get to grips with the kind of ideas that work for the publication and an insight into what makes the editor tick.


Who is your dream interview?

Someone who is lively and game. I recently interviewed Marina Abramovic and that was a thrill; she absolutely gave me life. I loved the directness of Isabelle Huppert. She was so no nonsense but equally happy to engage with everything I threw at her.


Who’s your favourite journalist at the moment?

Features wise, anyone who makes me think, how did they do that? On the arts front, the New Yorker’s Emily Nussbaum on TV and Richard Brody on Film are hard to beat.


What is your worst journalistic habit?

One that I’ve knocked on the head is talking too much. Interview time is at a premium so it is best to keep questions short, simple and direct. The key to that is to come prepared and resist babbling.