Work-from-home wellbeing: How the UK’s leading health and fitness journalists are getting through the pandemic

For journalists working through the pandemic and the changes it sparked, it can seem impossible to balance a career and still take care of their mental and physical health.

But what about the people who write about these topics for a living? We spoke to some leading health journalists to find out how they stay happy and well when working from home – and what they’ll do going forward.

Substack revolution: Five best independent newsletters to follow

Imagine opening up your email and there’s something you actually want to read. Substack is a platform that allows anyone to start their own newsletter, with every article sent directly to their subscribers’ inbox. Substack attracts around 16 million people to their website every month, with over 500,000 subscribers paying for a flood of distinct newsletters. Here are five top-tier newsletters to get you started.

The perks and pitfalls of dating a journalist

You made it. You’re a journalist, living the dream (ish). But do you ever feel that people outside the industry just don’t get it? You may be brimming with anecdotes, but do unsociable hours and work pressures ever leave you feeling ‘undateable’?

XCityPlus hears the stories of two non-journalists – the first: a cautionary tale; the second: an enduring romance – to get their advice on the perks and pitfalls of dating a journalist.