Substack revolution: Five best independent newsletters to follow

Imagine opening up your email and there’s something you actually want to read. Substack is a platform that allows anyone to start their own newsletter, with every article sent directly to their subscribers’ inbox. Substack attracts around 16 million people to their website every month, with over 500,000 subscribers paying for a flood of distinct newsletters. Here are five top-tier newsletters to get you started.

Six photojournalists that revolutionised their craft

The storming of the Capitol; the tangled tubes of an intensive care unit; the latest snaps of the prime minister’s dog – rarely is an event (or non-event) left uncaptured by photojournalists.  

In the modern age, with a camera in every pocket, it’s never been easier to be a photojournalist. But who were the true innovators of photojournalism: those that pioneered new styles and techniques, or irreversibly altered what was acceptable to be photographed?