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Isabelle Gray chats to leading fashion journalists about the post-lockdown outfits that just cannot wait to see the light of day. 

After a year of working at home, we all lost our way. Even fashion journalists who, at the beginning of lockdown, turned to catwalking alone around their living room displaying their latest ensemble, are now shadows of their former selves. To be fully dressed is so early 2020….

Hold on, what’s that? Restrictions are easing? Back to the office and fashion shows? It’s time for fashion journalists to prove who’s really done their homework – and prepare the ultimate outfit.

Farewell comforting elasticated waistlines and oversized hoodies… hello colour-clashing patterns (but make it fashion) and a statement boot. 

No more will fashion journalists pine over the clothes they’ve longed to wear from new collections. It’s time to return to walking, breathing examples of the latest trends. 

XCityPlus asked four leading fashion journalists which outfits they’ve been dying to reveal to the world once it opens up again. 


Name a better duo than Daphne and go-go boots, I’ll wait. Image: Anna Cafolla

Anna Cafolla, editor, DAZED

I’m excited to wear this obnoxiously yellow t-shirt and matching Daphne-from-Scooby-Doo purple set of earrings from Marc Jacobs’ Heaven line. It’s a trippy collection that brings together nostalgia-driven inspiration from Gregg Araki movies to Japanese street style mag FRUiTS, angsty teen platitudes, and 90s New York. 

It’s fun, dreamy, garish – speaking to that frisson of restlessness that we’ve all felt inside the last year with nothing to do but craft ludicrous and dramatic post-lockdown fits and scroll on the apps. I look forward to accidentally attaching the bulbous heart-shaped earrings on the clothes and appendages of friends that I’ll be hugging so tightly.





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Emma Davidson, fashion features editor, DAZED

Pre-COVID, my wardrobe was pretty uniform: The same few pairs of jeans and sweaters in rotation, usually bolstered by some statement jewellery or shoes. Like most people considering their wardrobe as we move towards (some semblance of) freedom, right now all I can think about is just how dressed up I’m going to get. 

Though it veers way out of my usual lane, as soon as I spotted this crystal-embellished, faded neon-hued, feather-trimmed skirt suit by sustainability-focused designer Kevin Germanier, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Whether I do get my hands on this specific ensemble remains to be seen, but, after a year of slobbing in sweatpants and hoodies, I’ll definitely be looking to up the glam come summer. 


Baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low. Image: Aimee Phillips

Aimee Phillips, digital editor, NOTION  

I’ve always chosen comfort over fashion, eager to jump into the warm embrace of slack tracksuits and soft leggings. However, after a year at home, resigned to the comfiest parts of my wardrobe, I’ve found myself longing for tight jeans and strappy sandals, crop tops and mini skirts. 

Now, as we look forward to a future of gigs, dinner dates, and clubs, I can’t wait to dig out some of my most extravagant and eye-catching pieces. I searched long and hard for a great pair of cowboy boots and these vegan delights from Monki have had nowhere near the love they deserve since I bought them last year. These boots are definitely made for walking.


The corset’s back and she’s not going anywhere. Image: Cassian Gray

Bella Spratley, features editor, METAL Magazine 

It’s my first year as features editor at METAL Magazine. Whilst lockdown has kept me from our Barcelona HQ and real life shows, it hasn’t dampened my spirit.

I can’t wait to re-wear this vintage corset, which I originally bought for a costume party as a comment on gender performativity, inspired by the drag queen Violet Chachki – who is famous for her corsets. But it quickly became a staple outfit not confined to being a ‘costume’. I usually pair it with a Rabbit Baby leotard, Paloma Wool tee, and Miista boots. And the grown-out mullet is courtesy of Mx. Rona.

I ache to wear this at a proper party. My favourite memory of wearing the corset is dancing at an industrial techno warehouse rave on the outskirts of Paris. For now, I wear my corset like a princess in their tower awaiting the green light to slide down the building walls.

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