Shelagh Fogarty on staying impartial in a world of controversy

Shelagh Fogarty is an award-winning journalist and radio presenter, and this year marks 30 years since she made her way onto the airwaves. Originally from Liverpool, she joined the BBC trainee scheme in 1989 and has since had a successful career on Radio 5 Live and, as of 2014, has hosted LBC’s afternoon programme. XCityPlus spoke to Fogarty about her journalism inspirations, broadcasting career and time at LBC.

Are time-lapse recipe videos taking over food journalism?

Scroll down your Facebook timeline. Go on, do it. Spot anything? Aside from the lengthy Trump statuses and the “March for the NHS” events, you’ll notice your timeline is packed full of videos. Videos capturing cringe-inducing blunders, videos reporting news stories, and recipe videos. Mouth-watering, tantalising, gluttony-inducing recipe videos. Video