Model on catwalk for London Fashion Weekend

Shoved ferociously aside, my heel gets caught in Somerset House’s cobbles. The paparazzi fall over themselves, desperate to capture a Made In Chelsea star saunter past. I get whacked by an overly excited cameraman’s backpack as he rushes past me like a Jack Russell spying a tennis ball. Who says London Fashion Week is glamorous?

Anticipation wafts around the show space like Chanel No5. The lights dim. House music begins to blare and a pale figure, with skeletal limbs and cheekbones you could grate cheese on, emerges. She stalks down the runway to flashes of camera bulbs, all eyes transfixed on her. For a moment the audience is still, the model commanding attention. Screens are suddenly thrust into the air, springing up from all angles. Camera bulbs flash. Spectators, crammed into position like battery hens, scramble to get a satisfactory view. There is a constant fear that someone might stab your foot with her stiletto, but the atmosphere is exhilarating.

London Fashion Week may not be quite what it appears, but like a good manicure it is injected with sheen and colour. From the madly dressed fashionistas, dipped in faux fur shawls and neon accessories, desperately posing for the photographers, to the crowds flocking around celebrities like seagulls over a tossed takeaway, there is never a dull moment.

Watch XCity at AW15 London Fashion Week here.

Video by Eli Court

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