Liv Purvis, wahtoliviadid

XCity+ chats to top blogger Liv Purvis, of What Olivia Did, to get some tips for great beauty writing.

5 more tips from top beauty writers:

  1. Don’t exaggerate

    “Honesty is crucial in beauty writing,” says Katie Wright, the Press Association’s fashion and beauty editor. “There’s so much hyperbole in the beauty industry, with every product promising to solve all your hair problems and give you the ‘perfect’ pout or flawless skin, when in reality they don’t always live up to their promise.”

  1. Get all the details

    “Make sure you include all the important details about the products that your reader is likely to want to know,” says beauty blogger Alice Hughes of Alice In A Looking Glass. “Always try to include the price of the products and where you can purchase them.”

  1. Maintain impartiality

    With the advent of beauty bloggers and vloggers, there are plenty of people who will happily write a glowing review for anything they’ve been given for free. “Therefore, maintaining impartiality and integrity is key,” says Katie Wright. “You can’t be afraid to criticise something where necessary, otherwise you risk sounding like an advertising copywriter rather than a journalist.”

  1. Be aware of different skin types

    “It’s easy to say a product is fantastic and forget to mention that it might not be suitable for certain skin types,” says Jessica McDonnell, fashion and lifestyle writer at Forever Miss Vanity. “You need to make your readers aware at all times that although a product may be well-suited to you, it might not be suited to others and vice-versa.”

  1. Don’t just focus on the packaging

    “I have seen a lot of people write about a lipstick or an eyeshadow and only take pictures of the product and packaging,” says Sarah, makeup and beauty writer at Sarah Trademark. “Make sure readers can tell what it actually looks like on!”

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