Love them or hate them – as many prolific fashion industry professionals do – bloggers are the way of the future. Whether you think they are actual journalists is a matter of opinion, but their global influence is a force to be reckoned with and it would be foolish of us to not sit up and take notice.

Check out XCity Plus’s roundup of the 10 fashion bloggers you should be following on Instagram now.

1. Victoria Magrath

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Victoria Magrath received her PhD in mobile consumer behaviour at the University of Manchester before starting her fashion, beauty and travel empire Inthefrow. The doctor’s (closet) doors are open, where her Instagram feeds you a swoon-worthy dose of holiday snaps, outfit inspiration and sweet treats. Despite Victoria’s packed social calendar, you’ll never catch her with a hair out of place. Her snow maiden locks have become her signature.

Instagram: @inthefrow
Twitter: @inthefrow

2. Ella Catliff

Ella Catliff, founder of the blog La Petite Anglaise, is also a model represented by Storm. Her Instagram is worth a scroll if only for her enviable collection of over-the-knee boots. Her daring and quirky sense of style might just convince you to take the plunge with an on-trend item like a faux fur leopard print coat. Ella’s knack for colour coordination takes the cake, while her London Fashion Week photos are the icing on top.

Instagram: @lapetiteanglaise
Twitter: @Ella_LaPetite

3. Sarah Ellis and Philippa Bloom

Not only are Sarah Ellis and Philippa Bloom both stylists, but they’re also best friends. Together, they can boast over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. Things don’t get more aesthetically pleasing than their Instagram. Always pictured side-by-side, Sarah and Philippa showcase either identical or similar looks or items. We bet they raid each other’s wardrobes all the time. Imitation, after all, is the sincerest form of flattery. However, underneath the chic clothes and shoes – oh, the glorious shoes – what remains is a solid friendship clearly built on more than just sartorial choices.

Instagram: @wearetwinset
Twitter: Sarah: @SarahTankel Philippa: @PhilippaBloom

4. Joey London

It’s easy to see why Joey London is a regular at London Fashion Week Men’s. He looks just as comfortable rocking a crisp tailored suit as he does in a more casual denim jacket and a plain white tee. He counts model Diego Barrueco as one of his close friends, so it’s always nice to see them pop up in a photo or two together. 

Instagram: @joeylondonstyle
Twitter: @JoeyLondonStyle

5. Olivia Purvis

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I once spent an entire evening procrastinating work by clicking through photos of Olivia Purvis’s hair – how she creates those perfectly tousled waves is still beyond me. Her Instagram is much like her blog, What Olivia Did, with a colour palette that emulates the dream worlds created by film director Wes Anderson. Part of what makes Olivia’s snapshots so endearing is that they are usually taken by her boyfriend, Joseph Galvin. The subject-photographer relationship really doesn’t get better, or more genuine, than that.

Instagram: @livpurvis
Twitter: @livpurvis

6. Ana Maddock

Whether it’s a slip dress, a harness or a fringed leather jacket, Ana Maddock dares to try all of the tricky trends and pulls them off with aplomb. With each new look, it’s clear that she’s a style chameleon – leading the way for the rest of us to get out of our comfort zone. If watches are your thing, your addiction is only going to get worse while looking at Ana’s arm candy. Consider yourself warned.

Instagram: @anamaddock

7. Lily Melrose

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If ever you need more incentive to buy a hat, look no further than Brighton blogger Lily Melrose’s Instagram – she has all the styles covered. Along with her outfit posts, you can also browse through pictures of her American travels, LUSH Cosmetics in action and the cutest beauty products. Her cat, Aerys, also frequently features – and who’s not a sucker for a cat pic? Anyone who wears a t-shirt on Valentine’s Day that says: “If you’re single and you know it pet your cat” is a woman after our own heart.

Instagram: @llymlrs
Twitter: @llymlrs

8. Jim Chapman

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If you’ve not heard of Jim Chapman or are not one of his followers already (he’s racked up 2.3 million on Instagram), you’re doing it wrong. You might know of him through his wife, Tanya Burr, one of the biggest beauty vloggers in the world, but Jim shot to fame on YouTube in his own right. His impressive CV includes being a presenter, a model and a contributing editor for GQ. The man knows his stuff. He also wears a maroon jacket from The Kooples like he’s doing it a favour.

Instagram: @jimchapman
Twitter: @JimChapman

9. Frédérique Harrel

Paris native Frédérique Harrel, or Freddie, moved to London five years ago. She views fashion as a massive confidence booster and gives talks on the topic to help women feel comfortable in their own skin. She also created Big Hair No Care hair extensions. On top of all that, looking at her Instagram means you’ll be able to see what – or rather who – else keeps her busy. Coo over her adorable son and husband – and her dreamy outfits, of course.

Instagram: @freddieharrel
Twitter: @FreddieHarrel

10. Joel Mcloughlin

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After finding it difficult to land a retail job in London, Joel Mcloughlin was asked to be a stylist’s assistant based purely on his blog (Gallucks) and Instagram content. A few styling stints later and he resigned to dedicate his time to his blog and YouTube channel. He’s usually seen in all black everything, but dabbles with the occasional orange or red piece. His whole account is a real treat for the eyes, with freakshakes, fresh trainers and Hiro and Kiko, the cutest ragdoll cats you’ll ever see, right at your fingertips.

Instagram: @gallucks
Twitter: @Gallucks


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