Ever wondered what photos are stored in journalists’ phones and why they took them? We asked people in the industry to unlock their devices and share what they most recently snapped, regardless of whether or not it’s related to their job. Here’s XCity Plus’s preview – from technology editors to news correspondents to fashion assistants, check out the print edition for the full roundup. For your eyes only (and Instagram’s, obv).

Tilly Wheating
Fashion assistant
Harper’s Bazaar
“This photo is part of the Burberry Spring/Summer 2017 mood board. The collection was inspired by the amazing sculptor Henry Moore. The mood board is plastered across a wall at the Regent Street store, where I attended a live screening of the show before the new collection was revealed to customers to buy. Having studied fashion design, I always find the process behind the collections fascinating and I love seeing the designer’s inspiration.”

Photo Credit - Tilly Wheating

Julian Linley
Multimedia consultant/former editor of heat and Digital Spy

“The photo is of Jo Carnegie (good friend, my deputy when I was editor of heat and former housemate). The picture is taken at my kitchen table the morning after a raucous dinner party with some old heat colleagues. Jo was staying with me for a few days having returned from a year travelling in Australia, New Zealand and India.

Jo is at her computer, frantically editing an interview she conducted with Cesar Millan for heat magazine. I took the picture to send to my partner who is working in Brazil at the moment, as he misses living with Jo too (we call Jo our giant adult baby).”

Photo Credit - Julian Linley

Nick Stylianou
Sky News

“This photo was taken at the launch of Sky’s Ocean Rescue campaign to stamp out single-use plastics polluting our seas. Adam Boulton chairs a panel after the premiere of our film A Plastic Tide (produced by fellow City MA alumna Helen-Ann Smith) at the British Museum – Kimberly Wyatt from the Pussycat Dolls, check Mary Creagh MP, Louise Heaps from WWF, and Barry Turner from the British Plastics Federation. Sitting in the front row and seeing all of my work for the event come to fruition – a panel of guests I’d negotiated with for weeks, a stage we’d set and rigged to broadcast live, beside my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss (Sky plc group chief executive Jeremy Darroch) and in front of a packed auditorium of distinguished guests – I was praying nothing went wrong as the debate heated up.”

Photo Credit Nick Stylianou

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