The past few months have been a whirlwind of Twitter tantrums and political spats with the media. President Donald Trump has vented his controversial views on Twitter, frequently condemning news networks for their “fake news” coverage and the media’s overall reporting on his behaviour. Here are some of our favourite media-related Trump tirades….


Trump had the lowest popularity rating of any president-elect, at only 48 per cent. His executive orders, such as the travel ban, haven’t endeared him to the media either.  But the president can’t just throw a tantrum because the media doesn’t like his policies.


He’s like a needy child with an ego complex. Okay, we get it, he has friends in the South. But he also gave the media a shedload of executive orders to cover too – 12 within his first three weeks. Sorry if we weren’t there to document his Floridian fan club. Now can he get back to the small matter of running the US, please?  


If the polls were positive, he would just brag about the news story. This assertion about what people want is the equivalent of an autocratic nursery toddler railroading through a Lego brick wall project when the other kids just want to build a nice house.


Trump took issue with Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of him. But this tweet is like flipping over a Monopoly board and saying the game sucks because you lost.


Well, someone’s a little insecure. It’s like bragging that he’s the most popular person at school because he was elected student prefect. Yes, he did technically win the electoral college vote, but Clinton still received almost 3 million more popular votes. But Trump doesn’t like it, so it must be fake. So there.


Another favourite technique of Trump’s is to CAPITALISE EVERY SINGLE WORD so he gets more attention. I AM IMPORTANT AND I DON’T HAVE SMALL HANDS, OKAY? As a pedantic, grammar-obsessed journalist, this frustrates me to no end. He’s like that attention-seeking child who yells all the time – just annoying.  


Essentially, this is just the adult version of sticking your tongue out at your enemies and yelling, “Suckers! I totally beat you!” Come on Donald, show a little more class, please.

8. Bonus

Okay, this isn’t strictly a Trump tweet, but I’ll put it here for your viewing pleasure. White House press secretary Sean Spicer used the platform of his first press conference to tackle the media head-on. This was a remarkable and unforeseen dressing down of the media in a five-minute rant.  Spicer claimed that a record number of people came to Trump’s inauguration, but the dastardly media misrepresented it. It’s camera angles, I tell you, camera angles. More people came to Trump’s inauguration than Obama’s, and any other view is fake news. So there.

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