Twitter the heart of journalism. Let’s be honest, at this point we’re the only people using the damn thing. The bright side? We can get as salty as we like – and there are a hundred other like-minded journos to laugh alongside you. Of course, 2016 was filled with scandal upon scandal for us to sarcastically write off in 140 characters. Here are some of our favourites from the last 12 months…

Will Black on Camilla Long

In one of the most satisfying tales of irony of all time, Camilla Long’s review of Moonlight was met with some terrible reviews of its own. The epitome of salty responses came from Will Black, who put some serious effort into his tweet finding another of her provocative opinions from January 2016…

Jay Rayner vs Michael Gove

What do we expect our former Secretary of State for Justice to spend time on as the world descends into utter chaos? Trolling food critics on Twitter, apparently. Critiquing Jay Rayner’s promotion of his book, Michael Gove was served some delicious humble pie in this hilarious response…

Stephen Leng vs Everyone who voted Trump

There’s nothing like some salty sarcasm to shame Trump voters in the face of genuinely terrifying global crises.

Jamie Ross vs Piers Morgan

If you want to have endless fun scrolling, search for the best response to Piers Morgan on Twitter. We can’t even single out one particular spat, because there have been so many. In yet another display of perfect irony, Jamie Ross won our hearts with his tweet showing up Trump’s number one fan.

hrtbps vs Nigel Farage & Raheem Kassam

When a picture says a thousand words…

Ruby Tandoh vs Paul Hollywood

The baker turned columnist threw hilarious shade at Paul Hollywood when it was revealed he would continue to judge The Great British Bake Off despite it being poached  from the BBC.

JK Rowling vs Piers Morgan

We can’t include a session of Piers-baiting without our MVP, JK Rowling. While she may not be a journo, she topped us all in the trolling of the century (TRY HARDER GUYS, WE CAN DO THIS!). Responding to Morgan’s claims that she is irrelevant, she tweeted a quote from his own article years earlier, a tweet so clever even he didn’t get it at first…

Max Benwell vs The Telegraph

SEO – the killer of creativity. Max Benwell congratulating The Telegraph is all of us when we see a title so SEO we don’t know whether to applaud or boo.

And finally, one just to make you laugh, no hidden agendas…

Andrew Loch on Rats


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