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#JournoRequest: Saving articles, one case study at a time.

We’ve all been there. Your case study has fallen through and you’ve got an hour to find a new one. Where’s the first place you turn to? Twitter of course, and the life-saving journo request hashtag.

From women who have been stood up on a first date, to dads who have suffered post-natal depression – Twitter has it all. Although some are definitely weirder than others…

1. Because swamps just scream romance

2. And those Dalston ravers are probably too busy raving

3. Sometimes they’re too specific…

4. …And sometimes they’re really vague

5. After a long day, some journalists forget Twitter is for muggles

6. Some aren’t even from journalists

7. Sometimes, they’re bizarre


8. They can be purely for personal gain

9. But often they’re just mad

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