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Do you buy women’s magazines and then just flick straight to the pages about sex? Do you wish sex tips would forget about ‘pleasing your man’ for once? Are you actually pretty curious about what goes on at a sex party? There is an answer, and it’s About Fcking Time.

About Fcking Time magazine is an online sex magazine for the smart, modern woman. An offshoot of digital London lifestyle title About Time, AFT was launched in November last year.

“I had been writing sex content for About Time magazine, and it was getting great traffic but it didn’t fit the ethos of the site so well,” says AFT’s editor Rebecca Reid. “I think women’s sexuality is scary, and I think people might have wrongly thought that it would be difficult to create enough content to be interesting and viable.”

Fear is not a word in AFT’s vocabulary. Here are five things we love about the women’s magazine tearing up the rulebook.

  1. The only taboo is the word taboo

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“We eat taboos for breakfast – or bircher,” says Reid. That’s no exaggeration. In its first four months alone AFT has covered fisting, anal sex, teen sex and rape.

  1. They’re not afraid of the F word


Photo: AFT

The site is unapologetically feminist and this strong stance impacts on every commissioning decision. “We have a strong feminist ideal and we’re very sex positive. Trying to commission features that fit our ideals is always difficult. We ended up writing a lot of it ourselves to start with,” says Reid. AFT has tackled everything from the politics of first date hair removal to women’s portrayal in pornography.

  1. They’re helping women own their sexuality


Photo: AFT

AFT is determined to empower women to be proud, honest and assertive about their sexuality, and the feedback editor Rebecca Reid is receiving suggests that they’re doing their job right. “I’ve been told it’s helped women to find great products and especially de stigmatised female masturbation which makes me incredibly happy,” she says. The site even featured an article by a woman who married herself.

  1. They don’t take themselves too seriously


Photo: StarcrossedScientist

The magazine may not shy away from serious issues, but it’s at no risk of losing its sense of humour. Ever wondered which Harry Potter character you’re most like in bed? Wonder no more.

  1. They’ll try the scary stuff so you don’t have to

http://www.aftmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Big-Love-Serial-Show-www.serialshow.tv_.jpegPhoto: HBO

Writers at AFT will walk you through threesomes, sex parties, the best sex shops in town and even polyamory. Reid is determined to keep challenging expectations. She says: “I’d cover anything as long as the framing was right. We’ve run pieces on the benefits of not having sex, just as long as they’re non-judgmental.”


What do women think about existing coverage of sex in women’s magazines? We found out:


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