Alice Hedworth – Content producer & Rangers TV presenter at Rangers Football Club

Course: Broadcast, 2012


What was your worst moment at City?

We had radio days every other week, and one Wednesday, we were really struggling for story ideas. I’m not sure what our story was, but we ended up going out to Greenwich to interview an artist. We used every form of transport that day. It was snowing and our dictaphone didn’t work when we got there. It was a realisation that as a journalist, you’ll often spend days on a wild goose chase.

What advice would you give to current/future students?

To throw yourself into every part of your course and apply yourself every single day. You learn the work ethic you need to make it. Most importantly, have fun, because if you’re genuinely enjoying your work, it’ll show in the end product. Never take no for an answer, either. You’ll be told “no” countless times to requests for work experience, story ideas and so on, but you need to keep pushing and believe in yourself. Don’t let a negative answer dampen your spirit.

What’s the best thing about your job?

No two days are the same. I couldn’t sit in an office all day, so it suits me perfectly to be out at the training ground or working at games. I get to watch football for a living and work in a sport that I love, which means it never feels like a job.

Has being a journalist ever put you in danger?

Working at an Old Firm derby can be a hairy experience!

What’s the most memorable interview you’ve ever done?

I’ll always remember my first cup final (2016 Scottish Challenge Cup) working for Rangers. I did the on-pitch interviews after the final whistle at the national stadium. The noise and the atmosphere is something that can never be replicated – it’s pure adrenaline working in that environment.

What is your worst journalistic habit?

Never switching off. The notes section on my phone is full of random ideas, scripts and questions. I sometimes wake up in the night and have to write down a question or feature idea in case I forget it. Although, I asked my cameraman this question and he said it’s forgetting to take my chewing gum out in interviews.

If you weren’t a journalist what would you be?

Maybe a barrister. My undergraduate degree was in law and I nearly went down that route, but I decided to follow my real passion. Law involves performing and presenting, so it would have suited me well.

What’s the best place you’ve ever got to go as a journalist?

I’m lucky that I get to travel with the Rangers’ first-team squad wherever they go. We went to America this summer for our pre-season tour, so I spent 10 days in Charleston, South Carolina.


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